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Looking for a Spiritual Mentor or a Crystal Healer in California, Irina Naam is here to solve your all problems & give you peace and love through her mindfulness techniques.

Meet Irina Naam

I am a Crystal Healer and Spiritual Mentor with the aim to heal you so that you can feel more balanced in your life. Because the beauty of life lies in the balance of emotions, health, and energies. I can help you in cleansing, balancing, and charging your energy field through crystal healing. I can tune with your aura to give you emotional and physical healing effects with the help of different healing crystals. Crystal Healing and Spiritual Mentoring give you the opportunity to bring more positivity and harmony to your life.

I will help you with resolving your deep-seated emotions and ailments, All the negative energies and traumas present in you will extract from your body through the powerful healing energies of crystals, resulting in the fruitful or delightful experience of Crystal Healing. The earth has provided us the natural gifts in the face of Gemstones, Crystals, and Intuitions. Crystals are powerful healing tools that are inherited from the elements of nature. These are the tools that have worked for me and my clients. Only you will have to be clear of your needs or problems so that we can in the right direction in our sessions.

I will help you to balance your energies and emotions by answering all your questions and queries to heal you holistically. I am here to help you process your thoughts and unwind your inner intuitions to unwind your true self. The Spiritual Mentoring sessions will allow you to open up with your thoughts and get rid of your mental stress. I will help you grow spiritually by developing your spiritual side through meditational and other spiritual activities. Through my session, I create a space for you where you can freely express your emotions or feelings.

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